So here with a new blog comes a new era. For me this is the start to the rest of my life. Since setting out up my first mountain in the Lake District at 15 years old, I have set myself targets and have dedicated the last three years of my life towards achieving them. This process of development has been an ongoing reel of positivity. It has been inspiring. And it is only now I truly understand how much the great outdoors can shape a person into who they want to become. An inner confidence is gained not through attaining awards and qualifications, but through life’s experiences. The hustle and bustle of this world seems to grow as it ages. In doing so more and more people take for granted the things around them. They look onwards to the future, forgetting to take note of the present. This world is a mass of rock and water, and in exploring its hidden beauties often forgotten by today’s society, life experiences can be found. And so withSAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAin the goals I set myself for the next chapter of my life, I set one to promote the extraordinary aspect of this earth, so easily overlooked. I owe it that much. And I sincerely hope that on discovering it people will get from it what it has given me and the others I share it with.

Follow this blog. It will be that extra bit of colour in your lunch hour, that extra bit of good news at the end of your day and that extra bit of inspiration needed to set out on your own adventures – whatever context that may be in.







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