Heading Down South

Having an awesome time exploring the more southern parts of the country.


Katy cooking breakfast

Sunday was spent driving down, with a quick trip to Bristol and a lovely night on Dartmoor. We awoke to a herd of the wild Dartmoor Ponies grazing outside the van, and after a leisurely breakfast we made our way through the national park towards Cornwall.

cornwall, dartmoor, #vanlife, south, ethan thomas, adventure, mountains, climbing, coast

Morning on Dartmoor


Hayle Beach

The day was spent exploring the beaches in glorious weather and trying to remember we were actually still in the UK. The night was spent with a BBQ at Bassets Cove, followed in the morning by a quick get away to Hell’s Mouth cafe where we’d been informed a good fry up could be found. We weren’t disappointed. We then carried on to St Ives and sampled the traditional cornish pasty and then onto Land’s End and finally Sennen Cove where we plan to bed down for the night.IMG_1042

The coasts, coves and moors of the south make up for the lack of lofty peaks, and I feel guilty that I’ve avoided visiting sooner.





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