Heading Down South Part 2


Kynanace Cove

Last Wednesday we awoke in sennon cove ready to head over to Kynance Cove and Lizard Point. The day had some amazing sights and it was a great way to spend the last full day of our trip. We stooped of for tea in Polpero, before parking the van close to Lantic Bay and bedding down for the night.


Kynanace Cove



Final Fry Up


Heading Down for Lantic Bay

After finishing off the rest of the bacon for breakfast we spent our final morning in Cornwall down at Lantic Bay, enjoying the beach. The sea still a little bit chilly this time of year for a swim but we had a paddle none the less. On the way home we stopped of at Jamaica Inn and Stone Henge. Both rather disappointing experiences in my opinion, representing no more than a tick in a bucket list after all the commercialisation packed into them.

It’s been an awesome time seeing the south of the country and I’ll definitely be coming back in the future. And can’t wait to climb on the granite sea cliffs.



Lantic Bay


One thought on “Heading Down South Part 2

  1. Looks like you’ve got great weather and good company. I remember Jamacai Inn – toilets a bit primitive. Ask Dave and Jan about our trip to Cornwall many years ago – the year Bob Marley died I think! Photos great – a career in photography maybe? love


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