When man and nature meet

  Seeing the peace and tranquility of nature when it connects to the hustle and bustle of the urban world has always looked beautiful to me. The view of factory fumes seems less concerning with healthy green grass in the foreground. It brings an immediate understanding, to whoever gazes upon it of the importance of the place they’re in. The idea of sitting high up on the tops of the howgills and only being able to hear the roar of the M6 four hundred metres below, doesn’t ruin the silence of the hills, it highlights it. I’m currently sitting above anglezarke resovoir waiting for a DofE group to finish. And I’m looking on to the industry that surrounds this part of the county and somehow feel that bit more blessed. When man and nature meet right in front of our eyes, only a fool would fail to realise just what beauty we have on offer to escape to.  



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